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Gamespot leaks Xbox 360's new dashboard


Good job Gamespot! Um, we mean, bad, bad job Gamespot. MyGamerCard reports that Gamespot accidentally leaked a video of the information they received about a May 7 update for the Xbox 360's dashboard. Highlights include:

  • 600 Windows Live Messenger contacts for your friends list
  • Contact list will integrate Windows Live Messenger and show joinable session status
  • Messenger contacts see what game you're playing and gamertag
  • Marketplace has own blade, skin will change independent from theme
  • Users will now see what achievement they've unlocked onscreen
  • Low-power download mode followed by auto-shutdown
  • You can watch partially downloaded video files
Now we wait to see what Microsoft says about this video's authenticity. Maybe they'll just coyly not answer the question until May 7, jump out from behind the couch, and go, "SURPRISE! You had no idea, did you?"

[Via Engadget, Thanks Justin]

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