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Will CableCARDs ever succeed?

Ben Drawbaugh

In a few months (July) the latest CableCARD mandate will go into effect and all Cable companies (no not Dish or DirecTV) will be forced by the FCC to deploy Cable boxes that use CableCARDs for conditional access instead of integrated security. While consumers hope that this will give CableCARD the shot in the arm it needs, based on CableCARDs previous track record -- we will believe it when we see it. But why has CableCARD failed, why is the number of CableCARD devices available today less than when they were first introduced? Sure the delay of CableCARD 2.0 isn't helping, but again why the delays? The Cable companies want them to fail, they don't want to support them and they do everything in their power to persuade you to avoid them. They train all of their employees very well in the disadvantages and every chance they get they try to talk you out of using them. When there are any problems with them, they always blame your equipment and use it as an excuse to rent you a box. While there are many reasons why the Cable companies don't want you to use them, the FCC keeps the pressure on and in this case fighting for the consumer. Only time will tell if the FCC will be successful or if the Cable Companies will find a way to successfully avoid them for another 10 years.

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