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Hello Kitty car-based iPod Charger


The role of Hello Kitty in electronics is a strange one. Just when you think there are things that couldn't possibly be branded by the cute little Sanrio icon, you're proved wrong. Hello Kitty can be branded on absolutely anything. Case in point. Observe this Kitty-styled iPod car charger. It offers in-car power for your iPod. It provides an FM transmitter so you can listen to your iTunes on your radio. It's stem is long enough to allow you to use it with a floor-level cigarette adapter and yet it's still pink enough to please any 8- and 10-year-old girls in your vicinity.

If the pink so takes you, you can also purchase Hello Kitty iPod speakers, Hello Kitty stereo clocks with iPod docking, Hello Kitty iPod cases, or an actual iPod engraved with the Hello Kitty logo.

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