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Intel intros quad core 2.93GHz Core 2 Extreme QX6800

Evan Blass

Intel's been on a tear when it comes to announcing new products lately, and while the upcoming McCaslin UMPC platform and new Core 2 Duo ULV CPUs will appeal mostly to road warriors, the 2.93GHz QX6800 Core 2 Extreme quad core beast is targeted squarely at power users. As with the step up from the dual core E6700 to E6800, though, you're paying more than double the price ($999 $1,200 versus $530) when moving from the Q6700 to QX6800, but getting less than a 300MHz bump in speed. Our advice? Leave this new chip for the boutique gaming manufacturers, and put the extra money towards a motherboard that'll let you overclock a less expensive model hassle-free.

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