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Rumor: Phoenix Wright 3 dated, titled for US

Well, that was fast -- faster even than the English fan translation of the Phoenix Wright 4 Flash demo. Less than a month after Capcom posted the results of their "plead your case" contest whereby gamers, uh, pled their case for why Capcom should bother bringing Gyakuten Saiban 3 to the western world come rumors of just such a release.

One of those 120 entries must have made a difference (we think it was the above) because, according to the highly reliable computer systems of GameCrazy, a DS game titled Phoenix Wright - Trials Tribu has a release date of 9/25/07 (that's September 25, for our international friends, not the 9th of ... whatever). Like Phoenix Wright 4, the currently GBA-only Gyakuten Saiban 3 has no English translation and was the only game with no localization plans announced.

[Thanks, Shadow Hog]
[Image source: PYC at Flickr]

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