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AT&T's new text plans not quite unlimited

Chris Ziegler

Sources tell us that AT&T has some plan changes in the works -- good news for SMS fanatics (not Verizon good, but still good) and bad news for the data-hungry among us. First, the good: MEdia Works will go from 1,000 messages to 1,500 and both Messaging Extreme and MEdia Max will get a bump from 3,000 to 6,000 SMSes monthly, all with no increase in monthly price. Now the very (very) bad news: the $39.99 PDA Unlimited plan will apparently get dropped to a measly 20MB a month; users will need to instead choose the $49.99 plan to steer clear of a hard cap, which'll get boosted from 1,000 texts to 1,500. Excuse us while we go lock ourselves in the restroom for a few minutes and curse at the top of our lungs.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

Update: It seems the $49.99 plan is being brought down to $39.99 and the $39.99 plan is going down to $29.99, so the news isn't that bad after all.

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