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Gaze into the Mii-rror Universe


Somewhere in the outer limits of the universe, wedged uncomfortably between a zone of unceasing twilight and a dimension where normal things don't happen very often, lies the Mii-rror Universe. It is a peaceful place, populated by eerily silent cartoon doppelgängers, their mannerisms as polite as their heads are bulbous. For each entity in our world -- real or imagined -- there exists a Mii, happily wandering about, napping on its feet and enjoying the company of others.

We've been given glimpses of this Mii-rror Universe before, but none have been as clear as this one. Mii Plaza user, Atkafighter, provides an unobstructed view of the realm and of our own deranged, pop culture universe. Take a good look. One never knows when an omniscient glove might descend upon this fragile world, drag an inhabitant away by its hair and then stick the poor thing in an envelope marked for a destination unknown.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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