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Toshiba sues everyone over "DVD-related" patent infringement

Darren Murph

Joining the (unfortunately) growing fray of companies tossing out blanket lawsuits like it's their job, Toshiba is now requesting that a whopping 17 companies, mostly manufacturers and importers from Hong Kong and China, have their imports barred from entering the United States. Reportedly, Tosh feels that a number of "DVD-related patents" have been infringed upon, and doesn't want to see any more of those taboo "DVD players, DVD recorders, and other digital video disc products" hitting the States. As if banning the items from sale wasn't enough, it also filed a lawsuit "demanding an undisclosed amount of monetary damages to the same companies." We sure hope Toshiba wasn't looking for any partners for joint ventures anytime soon, as it just made enemies with a whole horde of potential allies.

[Via JapanToday]

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