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Zune 2.0 and flash Zune details leaked?

Ryan Block, @ryan

The fine folks over at Zune Scene are claiming an unwitting Microsoft employee bared it all to them, not even realizing who, in fact they were. What was supposedly learned from this fortuitous encounter? Well, the second full-sized Zune and its flash counterpart will both be out this year. The full-size Zune will look aesthetically similar and have the doubleshot plastics, but will be a bit thinner. The flash device will be video capable and have a large display that "covers about 75% of the [face]", while staying about 3 x 1.25 x 0.25-inches in size. Even though the flash-based device will have the same (lame) WiFi, Microsoft's expecting to pump out 2.4 million next-gen Zune devices before holidays 2007. Believe it? Sure, we'd like to think some design-envelope-pushing devices are en route, but the Zune's faults aren't about to be resolved by a thin n' sexy flash version, we can tell you that much.

[Image from our Design-a-Zune contest]

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