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Blowing on the DS sucks (or: the huff-and-puff games)

Tony Carnevale

MTV News' Stephen Totilo has discovered the first video game innovation he's ever hated: "blow control" on the Nintendo DS. When he was commanded to literally exhale air at the system's built-in microphone in WarioWare: Master of Disguise, Totilo decided, "I don't see the point. What I see is embarrassment at having to hyperventilate over my DS while riding the subway." That seems like the point to us.

Press the Buttons' Matthew Green agrees with Totilo, and calls Diddy Kong Racing DS the worst offender of the "huff-and-puff" games. "I did so much huffing and puffing to try and beat the clock that I made myself dizzy and had to go lie down for a while." From DS hyperventilation to Wii elbow, Nintendo really loves making gamers get in touch with their doughy, neglected bodies. Wii Yoga, anyone?

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