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Bungie working on yet more Halo?


If the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly is to be believed, then Bungie is preparing yet another Halo title. Before anyone can raise a disapproving finger, EGM clarifies that the game in question is neither the episodic project directed by Peter Jackson nor Halo Wars (though EGM notes Halo Wars might see release this year). Nope, this would be a completely separate title apart from Halo 3 and the aforementioned spin-offs. What in the world could it possibly be? We have no idea, and the rumor article gives no hints either. Our money is on Halo Party, which will be handled by Hudson in conjunction with Bungie. Just imagine all the mini-games: Whack-a-Grunt, Land-the-Sticky, and of course BOOM! Headshot. Hours of fun for the whole family.

Anyone else care to take a whack at what it could be?

[Thanks, zizzy]

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