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GameStop: Battle is between Wii and PS3, Us: WTF?

Justin McElroy

Did this GameStop spam, er, e-newsletter sent out yesterday leave you befuddled? We've taken time out of our blogging day to try to explain it. First off, yes, the true battle is between the PS3 and Wii. What's that you say? The 360 who? Oh, GameStop assumes you own one already. (And with one out of every 66 people in the U.S. having purchased the system, why wouldn't GameStop?)

Hold on, we know some of you are saying that it's ridiculous that the $600 PS3 would be competing with the $250 Wii. Don't trip: GameStop has leveled the playing field by selling Wiis in $550 bundles. Some of you may also wonder where the price increase and the resulting "second mortgage" bit leave the millions of kids who want a Wii -- you obviously haven't seen Blank Check, which proves many children are homeowners.

Finally, we can predict that some of you will complain that the two consoles offer completely different experiences aimed at completely different audiences, and to suggest there's a battle between these two systems alone is lazy, manipulative, and just dumb ... yeah, you got us on that one. Let's just assume it was written by third-, fourth-, possibly even eighth-stringers and move on.

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