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Gamestop/EB sells Wii for low price of $549.92


Gamestop's Chief Operating Officer Dan DeMatteo is so mad about the Wii shortage that he's gonna show Nintendo ... he's gonna show them by charging customers who want a Wii $549.92 for a bundle. Gamestop and EB games will send you a Wii for that price starting April 23. For all the contents in the bundle, it's not really a bad deal -- you know, if you ignore the whole legal issue. Oh, there will also be an additional $9.99 shipping charge due to the "unusual size and weight" of the bundle.

If you aren't part of the masses who have become disenchanted with the Wii since launch and are tired of waiting for the Sunday flyer to tell you when the console is available, then here's the chance to finally get your hands on the elusive Wii. Seriously, we don't know what's worse, the fact that a system with (relatively speaking) antiquated technology is so difficult to manufacture and is in short supply, or that you have to purchase an extra $100 in games you'll only play a couple times? The decision on which two games those are we leave up to you.

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