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How To: Stikkit Plugin for Quicksilver

Mat Lu

A while back we posted on a nice AppleScript and service for the online organizational service Stikkit, usable with Quicksilver. However, according to the Stikkit blog, Merlin Mann has now talked Alcor, the author of Quicksilver, into writing an official plugin for Stikkits. This plugin not only allows you to easily add new Stikkits, but even adds your Stikkits themselves to your Quicksilver Catalog. So you can search and edit your Stikkits, right within Quicksilver. Unfortunately, like many things related to Quicksilver it's not immediately obvious how to get this set up, so I'll walk you through it briefly.

If you invoke the Quicksilver preferences ( ⌘ + comma), go to All Plug-ins you'll find a Stikkit plugin ready for installation.

Next, you'll also need to add your Stikkits to your catalog. Once you do this, not only will you be able to create new Stikkits you'll also be able to modify your existing Stikkits directly within Quicksilver. Go to Custom in the catalog, click on the plus button and select "Stikkits."

Next click on the info button (red circle) and add your login credentials for Stikkit. If you've done this correctly your Stikkits should automatically download into your Catalog. Now you'll be able to see them as Catalog items, and modify them.

As the Values of n Blog notes: "The plug-in enables you to send text to a new stikkit, edit an existing one, append and prepend, search by text and tag, jump right to the Stikkit you were after, and more." Wow!

With this new Quicksilver plugin, Stikkit now blows away Backpack and other online services on the Mac in my view. If you're new to Stikkit, you'll probably want to check out Merlin Mann's helpful introduction.

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