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LG announces VW Beetle PMP: colorful, not much storage space

Evan Blass

Volkswagen may have a crush on Apple -- you'll recall the "buy one Fox get one iPod free" iFox promotion -- but it seems that LG is the DAP manufacturer with a little thing for the German automaker, announcing a Beetle-themed PMP at the Seoul Motor Show. Like the efficient little car that inspired it, the unnamed flash player sports front and rear badges, comes in one of three primary colors, and only features enough "trunk space" (2GB or 4GB) for your shorter trips -- road warriors should look for an 8GB luxury vehicle or hard drive-based media SUV. Codec support is lean but adequate, with MP3, WMA, OGG, MPEG-4, and WMV 9 files playable through headphones and/or on the 2.6-inch LCD, resolution unknown. Also a mystery are price, release, and availability, so VW fans will have to continuing getting their fix from the I-Playaz Beetle-shaped DAP speaker or jet-powered bug for the foreseeable future.

[Via Everything USB]

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