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Shiny Shiny girl chooses PSP


The debate about whether or not PSP appeals to girls continues. Shiny Shiny, a popular gadgets website targeted towards girls, has an interesting take on the DS versus PSP debacle. Kimberly, a blogger on the site, admits to having a DS bias. Like one CNET editor stated, the stylus controls were attractive: "I liked the idea of the stylus and touchscreen." However, the honeymoon was over quite quickly: "[The DS] offered familiar, but interesting challenges ... for about a month."

Why the sudden change of heart? Apparently, she got her hands on a PSP, and found using a more conventional control scheme with PSP made gaming much easier: "I found the PSP's games and controls to be much more intuitive than the Nintendo DS Lite." Kimberly had to constantly refer to the instruction manuals in DS games to understand the controls, while PSP offered a more familiar environment. Like we predicted, DS fans that actually give PSP a try will find that much of the bias against the system is unfounded.

"The PSP's ability to do more might account for its poor battery life compared to the DS Lite. In this episode of gadgetry smackdown, I concede the battle to my buddy/nemesis and will go get myself a PSP"

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