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Wii Opera browser's final version available


The final version of the Wii's Opera browser is now available for download. We haven't had a chance to really put the system through the paces, but we're guessing that it has all the details we previously wrote about:

  • Auto-hide toolbar
  • Display cursors from multiple Wii remotes (though only Player 1 can actually click)
  • Favorites page immediately accessible
  • Improved website compatibility
  • Improved zoom leaves text crisp at all levels
  • New and better scroll interface
  • Search button on the toolbar
  • Start up time decreased by 5 seconds
  • URL text (www and com) easily accessible
We'll be testing the final version, along with every other Wii owner, over the next couple of days. The free download of the browser ends in June. After that, late adopting Wii owners will be charged 500 Wii Points ($5 USD) for the browser. So, what do those giving the browser a workout think?

[Thank you to everyone who sent this in]

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