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A small resurrection of the 20GB PS3 for Japan

Nick Doerr

You've read it, we're sure. You know, the news where the 20GB model of the PlayStation 3 has breathed its last? Turns out that's only about 85% true. Luckily for those of us not bothered by the fact that the system is region-free, you can still get your import on if you just can't shell out the extra Benjamin (or whatever equally-valued currency you may have... but they might not have such a snappy name). That's right -- Japan plans to continue selling the 20GB model.

Thinking about it, I've never actually seen a 20GB model on the shelves of stores around here, so it's interesting to finally have confirmation as to why. Because. The best option, if you're really trying to pinch pennies, is to go ahead and find a used console in Japan (of course, the air fare might make it a little more expensive) which go for 42,800 yen (we're estimating that's about $450). So... you can get your 20GB model if you don't mind importing. The end!

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