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Get the XMB on the PS3 at any time, petition-style!

Nick Doerr

With a little over 2,000 signatures, it seems like the majority of PlayStation 3 owners have signed this petition already (har, har, har... if you can't laugh at yourself, you'll never smile at others or some such saying). What's the petition say? Here you go, baby birds:

"Sony, we want access to the XMB in game including custom soundtracks. At GDC 06 you showed access to the XMB, and so did early dev kits but they haven't made it to the final console. Early research suggested PS3 reserves 64mb of the main RAM for the XMB, but we currently have no access to the XMB at all. Please add this through a firmware upgrade to the PS3." Ending with a sincerely, the undersigned, you know it's official.

This would be a fantastic feature -- the ability to toss on some music mid-game, send a message, search the web for clues/other stuff made specifically for a game to get you more involved... among other things. Would you want to see this feature? What else could it bring to the table? Oh, and... sign the petition if you want to. But petitions hardly ever work.

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