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GTAIV drops Staten Island; Wu-Tang response unknown

Manhattan's become Algonquin; Brooklyn's become Broker; Queens has become Dukes; The Bronx have become Bohan; and even New Jersey is making an appearance as Alderney. So how must it feel to be a Staten Islander and see the other four boroughs of New York City recreated in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV while the forgotten borough is, well, forgotten?

While MTV News struggles to come to terms with the news, the Staten Island Advance reports that not everyone from Staten Island is upset. "That's something I appreciate being left out of," said Linda Baran, president of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce. She of course was referring to the sure-to-be controversial GTAIV and not the neighborhood parties nobody bothers inviting her to ("she's such a stick in the mud!"). Still, everyone is left wondering what Staten Island's own Wu-Tang Clan think about the absence of the Island of Shaolin. Rockstar, you do know that Wu-Tang clan ain't nothing to @!#?@! with, right?

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