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Halophiles Only: GameVideos analyzes recent Halo 3 documentary

Jared Rea

We're sure that, like most Bungie fans, you've already watched this week's multiplayer documentary of Halo 3 more times than you've washed your hands since its release. But were you a bad enough dude to go the extra mile? Did you make sure to check for campaign footage in the reflection of a some programmer's glasses? Or attempt to decode possible hidden messages on Master Chief's codpiece? If not, don't despair. Luke Smith and Mark MacDonald have got you covered.

Clocking in at just over thirty-two minutes, their analysis squeezes just about all you possibly can out of the original seven minutes, including brief glimpses of the original pistol as well as unannounced weapons and locations. Their scrutiny is commendable, but being the gigantic nerds that we are we noticed they left out one tiny thing. You can just make out a Spartan, visibly carrying the energy sword as a secondary weapon at 22:04, which is something that we haven't seen before and could significantly alter the dynamic of being "that guy" with the sword. Take that, dorks!

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