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Mechanical xeyes created to freak you out


While the software version of xeyes (or any of its many variants) is usually enough to get on most people's nerves fairly quickly, hardware hacker Zn000h decided to take things one step further and rig up this mechanical contraption to keep watch on passer-bys on his street. Consisting of some pizza box remnants and a low-end video camera, the whole setup appears to work fairly well, simply relying on mplayer and a custom-made video filter to pick out its targets, with some RC servos rotating the eyes as needed. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll just have to admire this handiwork from afar for the time being, with no plans provided for building your own, although we suspect at least some of you will be able follow Zn000h's lead without any assistance.

[Via Hack a Day]

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