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Samba de Amigo coming to Wii? [update 1]

Jason Wishnov

There's a genius in the higher management of Sega who recently came to a revelation. "My God," he said, "we can make a crapload of money by bringing back popular franchises that find suitable uses for the Wiimote." And lo, his word became gospel, and now there's a tasty rumor on the horizon that his teachings are spreading far and wide: the classic arcade rhythm title Samba de Amigo may be coming to the Wii by year's end.

We don't need to tell you, of course, that the Wii was originally designed for the express purpose of shaking maracas. It's brilliant. If you're wondering how this title can compare to more traditional rhythm-based games, here are some wonderful YouTube clips for your enjoyment. Here's to you, Sega executive guy.

Update: Sorry, pesky little typos broke out of their cage.

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