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2.1 PTR notes, continued

Eliah Hecht

Here's the rest of them; first part here. Please leave comments back over on the first part.

- Hellfire Citadel: Blood Furnace
Shadowmoon Adepts on Heroic now double attack instead of triple
attack on occasion.
Laughing Skull Legionnaire no longer uses the "Sweeping Strikes"
Shadowmoon Technician's "Silence" spell is used less frequently.
Laughing Skull Warden will stay engaged with his main target on
Heroic difficulty.
The Maker's "Exploding Beaker" damage and knockback radii have
changed for consistency to both be 8 yards.
The Maker's "Exploding Beaker" damage has been increased on Heroic
Shadowmoon Technician's "Throw Dynamite" ability damage has been
Nascent Fel Orc will Dual Wield properly now.
Keli'dan the Breaker's "Shadow Bolt Volley" has had both its damage
and range increased
Shadowmoon Channeler's "Mark of Shadow" will have a longer delay
before being cast at the start of the fight and now does more damage.
Felguard Annihilators and Felguard Brutes will now do less damage.
- Hellfire Citadel: Shattered Halls
The "Resist Shadow" buff cast by Shadowmoon Acolytes will be
dispelled from players if they leave the dungeon.
Shattered Hand Reavers will do less damage in Heroic difficulty.
The "Uppercut" used by the Shattered Hand Reaver now has a smaller
combat range.
Rabid Warhounds on Heroic will now do less damage.
Shattered Hand Houndmaster's "Impaling bolt" damage and movement
impairing effects have been increased.
Warbringer O'mrogg now applies a smaller amount of threat to the
target of his "Beatdown" ability and will now correctly disable his
"Burning Maul" ability after a wipe.
Warbringer O'mrogg and Warchief Kargath Bladefist can be seen from a
farther distance.
Warchief Kargath Bladefist can now travel slightly farther during
"Blade Dance".

- Coilfang: The Slave Pens
Coilfang Defenders are only found in pairs while in Heroic
Wastewalker Slaves will now be more difficult in Heroic difficulty.
Coilfang Defenders in Heroic difficulty no longer dual wield with
their shields.
Rokmar the Crackler will now only apply "Grievous Wound" to his
current target.
The maximum range of Quagmirran's "Poison Bolt Volley" has been
increased and the spell now ignores line of sight. The damage over
time component also is
now fully affected by a player's nature resistance.
Coilfang Defenders should come in no more than a 2 pulls in Slave
Pens on Heroic Difficulty.
The 2 Myrmidon, 1 Sorceress, 1 Slavehandler pull has been changed
to a 2 Myrmidon pull.
"Naturalist Bite" is now level 70 in Heroic difficulty Slave Pens.
- Coilfang: The Underbog
Underbat in Heroic difficulty damage has been reduced.
Underbog Lurker in Heroic difficulty damage has been reduced.
"Wild Growth" on the Underbog Lurkers has been fixed.
Underbog Lurkers will now have a slight delay before using the
"Coral Cut" ability on a target.
Murkblood Oracles and Murkblood Healers now have more mana.
The Murkblood Spearmen's "Throw" ability does more damage in Heroic
Lykul Wasp and Lykul Stinger melee damage has been reduced.
Underbog Lords have had their damage reduced.
The Black Stalker's "Spore Strider Summon" should happen at more
regular intervals and be less random.
- Coilfang: Steamvaults
Coilfang Oracles, Coilfang Sirens and Coilfang Sorceresses now have
more mana.
Coilfang Engineer damage has been increased in Heroic difficulty.
Coilfang Engineer "Throw Bomb" ability damage has been increased and
will throw more frequently.
Steam Surger damage damage has been significantly reduced.
Tidal Surger damage has been slightly reduced in Heroic difficulty.
The Bog Overlord's "Trample" has been changed to be a 50 yard radius
effect, but now does decreased damage and will be used less frequently
in both heroic and normal difficulty.
Coilfang Siren's "Fear" now has a 1 second cast time and no longer
removes all threat from feared players.
- Coilfang: Serpentshrine Cavern
The creatures that lead up to Hydross the Unstable and creatures at
the six pumping stations are now on a 2 hour respawn instead of 45
Slight changes on most creatures have been made including: aggro
range changed to 30 yards detect, 15 yard call for help and hitpoints
reduced. (Boss specific adds are not affected by this hitpoint
Slightly reduced the number of creatures from the cavern entrance.
Modified the patrol patterns of some of the murlocs in Morogrim's
room to make them easier to pull.
Non-boss creatures in Serpentshrine will now no longer respawn if
the nearby boss has been killed, and should not respawn while in
combat with the boss in question.
Fixed an issue with Hydross where you would kill him and he would
instead change into his alternate form with 1 health.
The "Mark of Hydross" and "Mark of Corruption" debuffs can now affect
the increases of the nature or frost damage taken up to 500%.
"Refreshing Mist" now correctly restores health.
Fixed an exploit related to Leotheras' "Consuming Madness" spell.
Lady Vashj can no longer use the ability "Persuasion".
Toxic Spores no longer deal damage upon impact.
Tidewalker Lurkers no longer call for help from other nearby
Greyheart Technicians are now much easier to kill, and deal less
Coilfang Priestesses may now be polymorphed.
Coilfang Priestess' "Holy Fire" spell now deals Holy damage, and
the damage dealt by the spell has been lowered.
Morogrim Tidewalker's "Earthquake" no longer obeys line of sight
- Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs
Ethereal Sorcerer's in Heroic difficulty will summon Arcane Fiends
less frequently.
The Dark Shell of Pandemonious is now more visibly noticeable when
cast. The duration has been lowered from 8 to 6 seconds for Heroic
Ethereal Priests, Ethereal Sorcerors, Spellbinders, and Theurgists
now have more mana.
Nexus-Prince Shaffar's will now summon "Ethereal Beacon" at a more
regular interval.
- Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts
Angered and Raging Skeletons have had their movement speed decreased
on Heroic difficulty.
Avatar of the Martyred's "Mortal Strike" damage has been reduced.
Shirrak the Dead Watcher's "Fiery Blast" damage has been reduced on
Heroic difficulty.
Raging Souls will now correctly despawn after casting their "Rage"
spell on Heroic difficulty.
- Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls
Sethekk Guard's damage has been greatly reduced.
Sethekk Ravenguard's damage has been reduced on Heroic difficulty.
Darkweaver Syth's aggro radius has been increased, and he can now
see through both stealth and invisibility.
Sethekk Oracle's "Arcane Lightning" damage reduced and it will be
cast less frequently.
Sethekk Oracles, Sethekk Shamans, Cobalt Serpents, and Time-Lost
Scryers in Normal difficulty now have mor mana.
Sethekk Prophets, Time-Lost Controllers, and Time-Lost Shadowmages
in both difficultys now have mor mana.
Added a 1 second cast time to the "Spell Reflection" ability of the
Sethekk Initiates. Note that this is an ability and not a spell, and
as such the ability can not be interrupted via counterspell, kick,
and other interrupts.
The "Arcane Destruction" buff cast by Sethekk Scryers when mind
controlled or spell-steal is used, will now be automatically
dispelled when a player leaves the instance.
Sethekk Talon Lords now wield a scimitar and shield instead of a
Time-Lost Shadowmage will now be able to cast "Curse of the Dark
Talon" spell more than once.
Talon King Ikiss on Heroic difficulty has been significantly
reworked. He now has a point blank area of effect slow spell,
increased damage on the Arcane volley , increased damage on the
"Arcane Explosion", and reduced the frequency on his "Polymorph".
Talon King Ikiss is more obvious when he is about to cast "Arcane
- Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth
The "Shadow Defense" spell cast by a Cabal Acolyte when mind
controlled or spell-steal is used, will now be automatically
dispelled when a player leaves the instance.
Fel Overseer's "Mortal Strike" in Heroic difficulty now deals less
Malicious Instructor, Cabal Cultist, Cabal Assassin, Cabal Fanatic
and Blackheart the Inciter have all had their damage reduced in
Heroic difficulty.
Cabal Cultist's damage has been reduced in Heroic difficulty
The damage dealt by Murmur's "Thundering Storm" is now increased
properly by "Resonance".
- Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde
The Durnholde Mage's "Polymorph" spell will be cast less frequently.
Infinite Slayer's "Mortal Strike" damage has been reduced.
Lieutenant Drake's melee speed has been slowed slightly and damage
Captain Skarloc's "Consecration" ability and melee damage has been
increased on Heroic difficulty.
Infinite Defiler's "Curse of Infinity" on Heroic difficulty has been
renamed to "Bane of Infinity", since the effect is not removable as
a curse.
- The Human Illusion spell will now interact correctly with
"Shadowform" and "Druid" shapeshifts.
- Caverns of Time: Opening of the Dark Portal
Temporus' "Spell Reflection" ability on Heroic difficulty now has a
duration of 6 instead of 8 seconds.
Temporus may no longer be disarmed.
Chrono Lord Deja's "Time Lapse" may no longer be reflected.
- Karazhan
Prince Malchezaar's door will now close when his encounter begins.
Prince Malchezaar's aggro range has been reduced.
Romulo's "Daring spell" now increases haste and damage by 35% instead
of 50%.
Romulo's "Poisoned Thrust" will now be used less frequently.
"Backward Lunge" damage has been decreased.
The "Deadly Swathe" now operates based on the new creature cleave
rule when engaging Romulo.
Fixed an issue where if Romulo or Julianne were "killed" in the final
phase and the raid then died, the "dead" actor would not despawn,
forcing players to soft
reset the instance to fix things.
"Blinding Passion" will now only hit players.
Immunity effects such as "Ice Block" will no longer remove the
secondary effects of being Little Red Riding Hood.
Fixed a bug that was causing Maiden of Virtue's "Repentance" to hit
her current target.
Ethereal Theives and Spellfilchers in the upper floors have been
retuned slightly.
Terestian Illhoof will no longer sacrifice his primary target.
Terestian Illhoof will now wait longer before resurrecting his imp,
Terestian Illhoof's Imps have had their hitpoints reduced slightly.
Spectral Guest melee damage per second has been slightly reduced.
Shade of Aran's conjured elementals now despawn when he is defeated.
Nether Protection will no longer cause "Flame Wreath" to detonate.
Netherspite correctly puts the raid into combat and is no longer
affected by immolate and other forms of vertex coloring.
Roar is now susceptible to "Horror" effects.
The "Rolling Pin" of the Ghostly Baker will now only deal damage to
one target.
Karazhan Tomes
Redemption of the Fallen will now correctly summon a lvl 70
Wrath of the Titans will no longer gain the full effect from +dmg
Torment of the Worgen will now deal additional shadow damage when
it procs (previously it did not work and did not log)
Legacy of the Mountain King remains unchanged.
Dark Screechers should no longer chain-cast "Sonic Burst".
Negatron's Earthquake will now play correctly.
- Tempest Keep
The hitpoints of all non-boss mobs has been reduced. The boss
specific adds should not be affected by this change.
- Tempest Keep: The Botanica
Bloodwarder Protector's "Crystal Strike" may now be dodged and
Tempest-Forge Peacekeepers now deal Physical melee damage instead
of Arcane, and now longer perform the "Arcane Blast" ability on
Heroic difficulty.
The duration of "Vial of Poison" has been reduced significantly.
Greater Frayer's do more damage in Heroic difficulty.
Nethervine Reapers and Inciters' damage has been reduced in Heroic
Thorngrin the Tender's damage has been reduced in Heroic
Mutate Fleshlasher's damage has bene reduced in Heroic difficulty.
The Sunseeker Gene-Splicer's "Death & Decay" will occur less
frequently and the damage has been reduced on Heroic difficulty.
Mutate Fear-Shrieker and Mutate Horror hit points are reduced
Warp Splinter's "Arcane Volley" damage has been reduced on Heroic.
The Bloodwarder Protector's involved in the fight with the Mutate
Horror's and Mutate Fear-Shrieker's in The Botanica no longer
remain at 1 health and will properly be killed.
- Tempest Keep: The Mechanar
Bloodwarder Physicians now have more mana.
Nethermancer Sepethrea will no longer break nearby players'
stealth when engaged.
- Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz
Protean Nightmare,and Arcatraz Defenders damage has been reduced
in Heroic difficulty.
There are less Arcatraz Sentinel corpses in the dungeon.
Zereketh the Unbound's "Seed of Corruption" will not knock players
back as far.
Zereketh's melee damage has been reduced on Heroic difficulty.
Zereketh's "Shadow Nova" and the Death Watcher's "Death Blast"
damage has been reduced..
The Arcatraz Sentinel's "Energy Discharge" damage has been reduced.
Negaton Screamer and Negatron Warp-Master melee damage has been
reduced on Heroic difficulty.
Eredar Deathbringer's "Diminish Soul" damage has been reduced.
Eredar Soul-Eater's "Soul Chill" damage has been significantly
Skulking Witch's "Chastise" ability damage has been reduced on
Heroic difficulty.
The Unbound Devastator will no longer be able to use the
"Devastate" and "Deafening Roar" abilities at the same time. A
small shared cooldown has been added to both abilities.
Ethereum Wave-Casters, Ethereum Life-Binder, and Gargantuan
Abyssal melee damage has been reduced on Heroic difficulty.
Unchained Doombringer's "War Stomp" now deals less damage.
Harbinger Skyriss's "Mind Rend" will be used less frequently and
the damage has been reduced.
Harbinger Skyriss's "Domination" duration has been changed to 6
Harbinger Skyriss's "Mana Burn" drain has been reduced on Heroic.
Akkiris Lightning-Waker's "Lightning Discharge" damage has been
reduced on Heroic.
User Interface
- Players will now be able to access the "Looking For Group Channel"
by joining the "Looking For Group/Looking for More" tool.
- Using abilities and casting spells that cannot be used while mounted
will now auto-dismount players as needed. This can be disabled by
turning off the auto-dismount option in the UI options.
- Spells that have reagent costs will show the number of uses left in
the lower right corner of the action icon, just like consumable items
on the action bar.
- Holding down the shift key while mousing over an equippable item
that you can use will now show you the tooltip for the item you
currently have equipped in that slot as well (much like how the auction
house currently works).
- The network performance meter now shows framerate and how much memory
AddOns are using.
- You can socket items while in flight.
- When consuming reagents or using items on the action bar, smaller
stacks will be used before larger stacks.
- Players who feign death no longer appear dead to party and raid
members and friendly spells will not be interrupted.
- Sending item links with invalid enchantments will disconnect you.
- Equippable items displayed as quest rewards will always show you the
tooltip of the item you are currently wearing in that slot.
- The area of interest while on a flight path is farther along the path
instead of in front of you.
- Your current target will now display all of the duration based spells
that you have cast on them with cooldown rings so you will know how
much longer they will last. Very useful for warlock damage over time
spells and druid healing over time spells as well as many others.
- Raid Windows now remember their position in the gamefield between
- A Main tank and Main assist window have been added to the raid UI
that can be pulled out into the gamefield. These windows
automatically show the main tank/main assist's target by default.
- Profession UI now has a search field. Text that is entered into the
search field searches against item names, reagent names and item
levels (if you include a level). For instance you can type "Peace"
into the search field to see all of your recipes that use Peacebloom,
or type in "20-30" to see all of you level 20-30 recipes. This search
field only appears once you have more than 75 skill in your
- Profession UI now has a checkbox that allows you to search by only
items that you have the materials to make.
- Active corpses or objects (ones with loot on them) now can be
selected and looted, even if they are underneath another corpse that
does not have loot on it.
- While flying or swimming the 'X' key will now make you move down.
- Hunter Pets now display their spell damage bonus on the pet pane.
The actual effect will nearly always be less than the bonus listed
as it depends on the bonus coefficient of the spell the pet is using.
- Hunters now have a UI option "Auto Attack/Auto Shot" that if turned
off means that the hunter will not automatically switch between
ranged attack and melee attack difficulty when the range changes.
- Party members will no longer see a hunter who is feigning death as
actually dead.
- Shamans are now a darker blue in the raid UI so they have a more
distinct color.
- Items that have additional armor on them higher than standard for an
item of that quality and level will have the armor value displayed in
- Gems are now searchable in the Auction House under the heading of
"Gem" with the gems then broken up by color so you can search for
all gems of a specific color.
- When items are being put up for sale on the Auction House, if the
item you are putting up for bid is the same item and quanity as the
previous item you put up for bid, it will automatically fill in the
price and buyout for you with your previous price.
- The 'Status Bar Text' option in the interface options UI will now
display numberic values for all party members health/mana bars in
addition to your own.
- Raid and Battleground chat options have been added to the chat button
that is attached to the chat log.
- New Tips of the day have been added.
- You can now link recipes into chat. If you have chat input open and
you shift-click on one of your recipes in your profession UI then it
will put a link to that recipe with the reagents it requires to make
into chat.
- Raid assistants can now start a ready check.
- You can now display the amount of healing you do to a target in the
gamefield. This option can be turned on with the "Healing" option in
the floating combat text section of interface options.
- The Auction House now has a reset button that will reset all fields
you have entered to allow you to quickly try a different search.
- Movement now interrupts the usage of the "Evergrove Wand".
- Casting beneficial spells while using the "Overseer Disguise" will
now drop the disguise.
- The "Overseer Disguise" now has a 1 second casting time, and can no
longer be activated while in combat.
- The "Triangulation Device" from the "Triangulation Point" quests in
Netherstorm will no longer allow the character to see "Ethereum
- The directional indicators on the minimap for the towns have been
added in Outlands.
- Searches in the auction house for French, German, and Spanish now do
character swapping for some accented characters to yield better
- User Interface Scripting
Macro Features:
New conditional [flyable] which is true if you're in a location
where you could use a flying mount
You can use %f in chat text to refer to your focus, the same way
%t or %n refers to your target.
Added macro option support for /dismount
Macros containing conditionals will automatically update their
visual feedback as appropriate during play.
#show and #showtooltip can be given conditionals and will update
#show and #showtooltip can be given a slot number, to display the
appropriate feedback for that slot
Added bag and slot number support to: /castsequence, /cast,
/castrandom, /use, /userandom, /equip, /equipslot
New slash command /cancelform
The /equip command can take item identifiers specified as item:
<id>: e.g. /equip [modifier:alt] item:25640
You can provide several conditional clauses for a single action,
which will be performed if any of the clauses evaluates to true.
e.g. /cast [target=target,help,nodead] [target=targettarget,help,
nodead] [target=player] Flash of Light
For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the
UI & Macros Forum-

World Environment
- Two new graveyards have been added to Blade's Edge Mountains.
- Wandering NPCs will turn to face you more quickly when you interact
with them.
- The Fel Cannons in Outland should no longer be falling thru the
- Obsidian Elementals are now correctly immune to bleed effects.
- The casting of the "Sun Shield" spell used by Firewing Warlocks will
now show up in the combat log.
- Void Baron Galaxis will no longer despawn 10 seconds after death.
- Uvuros now moves considerably faster than before.
- Arch Mage Xintor now has pickpocket loot.
- Auchenai Crypts: Creatures here will no longer occasionally drop
aquatic-oriented items, Fish Scales, etc.
- Boulderfist Warrior: Mages can now Blink when stunned by this
creature. In addition, its "Shoulder Charge" ability now has a
minimum range.
- Dark Worg: This creature no longer drops cash.
- Dragonhawks: Some of these creatures were unskinnable. Almost all
are now skinnable. Exception: Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings.
- Dust Howler: This creature's "Howling Dust" ability is now correctly
removed by "Cloak of Shadows".
- Earthcaller Ryga, Eclipsion Cavalier,Eclipsion Soldier,Vyral the
Vile, Eclipsion Spellbinder,Gan'arg Sapper,Grillok "Darkeye", Hand of
Kargath, Mag'har Grunt, Unliving Caretaker, Unyielding Sorcerer,Worg
Master Kruush, Z'kral, Blacktalon the Savage and Debilitated Mag'har
Grunt all now have pickpocket loot.
- Fel Cannons: These creatures now drop loot.
- Krellack can now be skinned.
- Lady Shav'rar: Druid shapeshifting now breaks the creature's freeze
- Mana Wraith: This creature is no longer immune to the hunter pet
ability "Warp".
- Mennu: The boss's healing ward totem will no longer trigger kill procs
when killed.
- Mosh'ogg Witch Doctor: The "Ward of Laze" totems summoned by this
creature can no longer be destroyed by area attacks.
- "Motes of Mana": Several water-themed creatures were dropping "Motes
of Mana"; they now drop "Motes of Water".
- Murkblood Scavengers: The cash dropped by these creatures has been
drastically reduced.
- Rockflayers: All creatures of this type now have pickpocket loot.
- Scarshield Spellbinder: The fire resist buff from this creature will
no longer work on targets over level 63.
- Skettis Arakkoa: These creatures will now drop Arakkoa Feathers as
- Unbound Devastator: The disarm from this creature now fails against
disarm-immune targets.
- Throne Hound: This creature now has elite-quality loot.
- Throne of Kil'jaedan: Elite creatures in this area now drop
elite-quality loot.
- Veil Lithic Arakoa: These creatures will now drop Arakkoa Feathers
as intended.
- Area 52: Added a guard near an exploitable "dead zone" in town.
- A new flightmaster has been added to Forest Song in Ashenvale.
- New flight points have been added:
--Felwood, Emerald Sanctuary (Both)
--Ashenvale, Forest Song (Alliance)
- New flight paths added:
--Stormwind &lt;-&gt; Thorium Point
--Grom'gol Base Camp &lt;-&gt; Flame Crest
--Ratchet &lt;-&gt; Gadgetzan, Astranaar, Brackenwall Village
--Brackenwall Village &lt;-&gt; Ratchet, Camp Taurajo, Freewind Post
--Thunderbluff &lt;-&gt; Zoram'gar Outpost
--Evergrove &lt;-&gt; Toshley's Station
--Honor Hold &lt;-&gt; Shattrath
- Many flight paths have been adjusted to be shorter, faster flights.
- Several flight paths which clipped thru objects have been adjusted.
- An Inn and mailbox have been added to Evergrove in Blades Edge
- A Forge and Anvil has been added to Cosmowrench in Netherstorm.
- Improved combat movement for flying creatures.

- Added 'maxfps' game variable, when set to a non-zero value it will
limit the game's frame rate when the game is the frontmost
application or full screen. Also added 'maxfpsbk' game variable,
when set to a non-zero value it will limit the game's frame rate when
the game is not in the foreground. Each of these variables can be
left set to '0' which disables them, or an integer value representing
the desired frame rate limit."

Bug Fixes
- Nazan in the Hellfire Ramparts is no longer affected by "Disarm".
- "Tainted Cores" in Serpentshrine Cavern are now unique.
- Fixed several combat log issues where certain types of damage were
not being reported.
- Many quests were incorrectly shareable even when items were necessary
for accepting the quest. These quests are no longer shareable.
- Fixed an error where the G15 Keyboard LCD screen will sometimes not
display the correct battleground name when Alt+Tabbing back into
World of Warcraft.
- Fixed some sound errors in which some sounds were either repeating
or were not playing properly.
- Fixed many locations in which players had been getting stuck.
- Fixed an issue in which gnomes were unable to surface properly after
being underwater.
- Fixed various graphical errors.
- Coral Sharks will no longer attack players standing at the edge of
the docks high above the water on Theramore Isle.
- The bleed effect from the druid ability "Pounce" will now properly
apply to targets who are immune to stun.
- The Exodar Peacekeeper guards will now give the correct directions to
the auction house.
- Fixed an error where tauren males and gnomes were unable to gain the
benefit of drinking water when in areas of shallow and deep water.
- Fixed an error where some characters appeared to be drinking while
standing up.
- The target Spell Cooldown Timer has been improved.
- Using "Tome of Conjure Water IX" on another Mage will no longer teach
that Mage "Conjure Water" (Rank 9).
- The quest item "Felsworn Gas Mask" is no longer sellable.
- Thorngrin the Tenderwill no longer "Sacrifice" totems and pets.
- The game will now end properly in the Eye of the Storm Battleground
if you cap the flag and it puts you over 2000 resources.
- Fixed an issue where creatures who were killed would disappear before
ever becoming a lootable corpse.
- "Stoneclaw Totem",rank 3, will now pulse correctly.
- General Vorpal in the Shadow Labyrinth will no longer evade when
standing on a particular spot.
- The Dragon, Vhel'Khur, will no longer evade when pulled in Shadowmoon
- Players will no longer crash out of the game when resizing the game
window with the Auction House menu open.
- Shattrath City Peacekeepers will now attack players who attack others
from a distance.
- The "Burnoose of Shifting Ages" can now be disenchanted.
- Adjusted many quest rewards for better consistency.
- The Rotate Minimap feature is now working.
- Zoning into an expansion dungeon and changing the difficulty at the
same time will no longer cause players to disconnect.
- If a player is casting a spell when the debuff "Shadow of Death"
fades from them, they will no longer die when the spell completes.
- Fixed many interface graphical errors.
- Force-quitting or crashing out of the WoW client while taxiing across
zone boundries can no longer cause the player to be locked out of
zone-specific chat channels.
- Player pets can no longer attack PvP players while not being flagged
for PvP.
- In battlegrounds, pets with a damage over time spell will no longer
continue to attack the caster after "Resurrection".
- There is now a message telling players that the replacement for their
final "Violet Signets" will cost 100 gold.
- Fixed an issue where quest items were remaining in a player's
inventory even after abandoning the quest.
- Fixed several raid UI errors.
- In the Black Morass, gnomes are now able to run through the water
like other races.
- Male gnome /cheer animation is no longer incomplete.
- Numerous performance optimizations have been made across all
- Performance improvements for systems without vertex shaders enabled.
- Proper recognition of SSE support for Pentium III has been
implemented resulting in improved performance on this platform.
- The Warrior ability "Spell Reflection" can no longer be used if a
shield is unequipped.
- Players will no longer be able to use "Charge" types of abilities
to port the user up to flying-mounted characters.
- Players can be no longer be feared when using the Zephyrium
Capacitorium during the Test Flight quests out of Toshley's Station.

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