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Easy remote tech support

Mat Lu

In the comments to our recent post on Switching Mom to Mac, reader Hervé Sainct pointed us to this hint on macOSXhints on making remote tech support as easy as possible for the recipient. Basically it centers on a neat little program Schnitz Remote, which is basically a graphical wrapper around the open-source VNC server Vine. To use Schnitz Remote you need to get it installed on the remote machine, and then start up the VNC client Chicken of the VNC and set it to listen on your machine. The person requesting help just needs to type your IP (or domain) into the window on Schnitz Remote and it'll automatically connect to your listening CotVN and allow you to take over their computer. The hint on macOSXhints takes this to the next level by using an AppleScript to fill in the IP, so the remote user doesn't have to do anything but double-click an email attachment. If you regularly have to do remote tech support for less tech savvy relatives, some of these suggestions may be helpful.

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