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LG's L2000 leisure phone caught playing golf

Darren Murph

We fully understand that there's nothing a lot of you would rather be doing on a Friday afternoon than enjoying a carefree round at the club, but those backscheduling reports aren't running autonomously just yet. Still, it looks like LG's elusive GPS-L2000 can add a dash of leisure to your hectic day provided you can sneak out of the office, as it reportedly provides distance judging assistance when nearing the cup, electronic scorecards, GPS navigation, some sort of depthfinder for the anglers in the house, and of course, the obligatory MP3 / movie / DMB TV playback that Koreans probably take for granted. Internally, the unit sports a 520MHz Intel PXA270 processor, 3.2-inch 320 x 240 touchscreen LCD, 128MB of Flash memory, 128MB of RAM, a SiRF Star III receiver, miniSD card slot, and Windows CE Net 5.0 running the show. So if you're interested in checking out the perfect weekend handset, and don't mind the stubby antenna, be sure to hit the read link for a smattering of hands-on photos.

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