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Sidekick iD vs Sidekick 3 hands-on gallery

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're still confused as to whether it's "id" or "eye-dee", but whatever it's called our Sidekick iD showed up today. Yes, it's the underpowered, EDGE-free version of the Sidekick 3 (or the next step up from the Sidekick 2, depending on whether you're a glass-half-full or empty kind of person), and sure, it looks mighty funny when you peel off its skin and replace the bumpers with different colors. But is it an adequate substitute for the full-fledged 3? Perhaps the following pictorial will help you decide one way or another -- but at very least the software experience is basically preserved (sans camera, media, and Bluetooth apps). Now go nosh on some pics.

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