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Sony operational profit to surge, thanks or no thanks to PS3?

Nick Doerr

Apparently, this fiscal year will see a surge in profits thanks to Sony's gaming divison, believe it or not. This is according to Nikkei business daily and multiple other sites reporting similar bits o' news. The news is this: Sony's profits could rise five-fold to 400 billion yen (about $3.36 billion) thanks to not only Western LCD TV sales, but Sony's game division.

The fiscal period that ended March 31 are expected to yield reports of 60 billion yen earnings -- the actual results will be released on May 16th. However, there's supposed to be a 200 billion yen loss due to the PS3 (we're confused, too... games and hardware must be quite separate). Nikkei talks about the rumored 80GB PS3 and a report of a 67% increase in PS3 shipments -- Sony is passively denying the latter, the former coming from a Sony spokesperson. So a new PS3 model is being considered.

One final note to giggle about. Nikkei said that another thing that will help Sony's financial situation is "that Sony would also benefit from not having a massive battery recall as it did its previous fiscal year." Thank you, Nikkei.

[Via GameDaily]

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