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American Burger Company installing iPod jukeboxes in eatery

Darren Murph

Jukeboxes that play nice with your iPod have long since been available for your pool hall or living room, but John Tunney of American Burger Company feels the Apple-centric music machines would fit a bit better inside a tried-and-true eatery. Subsequently, the new Hicksville location sports a dozen Logitech mm50 sound docks, and allows customers to bring in their tunes and shows to distract them from quality conversation while scarfing down a burger. Apparently, the restaurant is hoping the honor system will keep users from blasting their tunes too loudly in public, and just in case you happen to forget your Pod when coming in to grab a bite, the bevy of plasma screens and open WiFi signal should keep you plenty occupied whilst chewing.

[Via ChipChick]

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