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TubeSock 2.0 - Flash video downloader gains conversion queue, bookmarklet update, much more

David Chartier

All sorts of tools have appeared for making it easy to download and save Flash files from the likes of YouTube, Google Video and more. From Greasemonkey scripts to browser plugins, these tools all have their strengths and drawbacks, but for the serious Flash movie downloader, there is TubeSock. This powerful tool has received a serious version 2.0 upgrade since I last mentioned it, gaining a boatload of features such as a download/conversion queue, progress bar, a smarter bookmarklet, as well as support for DailyMotion and PorkoIt sites, batch files, FLVs (already-downloaded Flash files) and the Apple TV.

These aren't the only things on the new hotness list, however, so check out the changelog for the full rundown or snag a demo of this most excellent Flash downloading utility. The demo is limited to converting only the first 30 seconds of a file, while a license costs a mere $15.

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