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Portasol Solar Tracker continuously faces the sun

Darren Murph

Although solar panels are becoming more and more efficient, one of the most glaring oversights in solar technology has been the inability for panels to autonomously move along with the sun and maximize the energy it could take in. The Portasol Tracker, however, is aiming to change all that, as a market-ready rendition is finally set after seven years of testing. The Hydrasolar panel utilizes hydraulic motors along with sophisticated "passive solar trackers to affect the thermal expansion and contraction of a contained liquid to make the device rotate." Essentially, the movement of the liquid causes the panel to spin to the west along with the sun as the day passes on, ensuring that the maximum amount of energy is garnered during those precious daylight hours. Currently, a small selection of models and mounting options are becoming available, and while hard pricing doesn't yet seem to be available, feel free to hit the links below for a smattering of pics and even a quick video overview.

[Via MAKE]

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