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Reuters: The guitar is killing your relationship

Justin McElroy

Listen, man. Reuters has been talking to your lady. No, no, nothing weird. It's just that ... well, the guitar controller is just a bit much ... and the dance pad ... and the steering wheel. She's alright with the games, but the specialized peripherals are just too much. It's not just that they're hard to hide, they're messing up the room's feng shui and -- they're dangerous.

Sure, this article may seem like your typical "Hey Gladys, can you believe what the kids are into?" piece that dots the mainstream gaming journalism landscape, but there are some real gems here, including: A gamer named Festus explaining why girls don't like games, a woman who curbed her gaming after a guitar controller fell on her head and an analyst providing the following quote: "With the rise of certain game genres and, as they get more realistic looking, you have to have a different type of controller." If that's not worth a click, we just don't know what is.

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