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2.1.0 forum reaction: Paladins and rogues


2.1.0 is kind of a mixed bag for most classes. Hunters got some minor buffs, but are still upset about their role in raid DPS. Shadow priests were nerfed, but holy priests were buffed (kind of.) And nothing of note really happened to warlocks.

But two classes came out the clear PVE winners and losers of 2.1.0. Rogues got a major buff in that their ability to sap now returns them to stealth 100 percent of the time, cleaves no longer hurt melee attackers standing behind the mobs, and the glancing blows that stopped melee classes from topping the damage meters in many raids have been reduced. Meanwhile, the holy paladin's Illumination talent, which gave them full mana refunds on critical heals, has been nerfed to return only half the mana. Plus, paladins will no longer regen mana when healed at full health (a neat trick to give pallies, especially tanks, extra mana.)

So let's head over to that bastion of player response, the WoW Class Forums, and see how the pallies and rogues are handling it ...

The pallies, unsurprisingly, are not happy. Duljan of Mal'Ganis posted an extremely intelligent look at the changes, but it kind of gets lost in the hubbub. Twelve pages of pallies are standing together and threatening to quit if the change goes live. However, there's definitely dissension among the ranks, as a lot of ret pallies seem to be calling holy pallies hypocrites for complaining about the Illumination nerf, but not past retribution nerfs. Blood elf pallies are sensing persecution in the air now that Horde has pallies, but the old-school Alli pallies aren't buying it. Other classes have also shown up in the pally forums: priests and shamans have been gloating over the nerf, while a warlock is encouraging pallies to join his class instead.

Things are quite the opposite in the rogue forums, which seem to have a dearth of rogues and an excess of other classes complaining about rogues, many of whom do not seem to understand the difference between PVE and PVP. The rogues themselves seem to be working on new builds for raiding and checking out things on the test realm, with some minor complaining about warlocks being able to trinket out of stun. There's one big thread that's basically a "woo hoo!" about the changes, with a lot of references to having to change pants after seeing the glancing blows nerf. The real entertainment, though, is in the angry posts from other classes ... "i spit on every rogue. I will EAT U UNTIL I QUIT WOW." "Why is it that all you rogues get nothing but buffs?" "i bet half of you would be another class but chose rogue just because they are so overpowered." "I HOPE BLIZZARDS MAIN FRAME SYSTEM CRASHES & ERASES YOUR OVER POWERED POS CLASS FOR WORLD OF WARCRAFT FOR EVER & EVER & EVER & EVER."

What do you think about the 2.1.0 changes to rogues and paladins?

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