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BlackBerry OS 4.2 ready for 8700 and 7310

Brian White

We're game for salacious BlackBerry insider info just as much as anyone, so it was with great delight that a "high-level exec at RIM" leaked some info about an upcoming BlackBerry OS 4.2 upgrade (not pictured right) for that older 8700 or 7310. Here's a quick breakdown: BlackBerry Enterprise Server SP4 should be released in June, while BlackBerry OS 4.2 is apparently ready to roll from RIM's end for the 8700 and 7310 handsets -- it's just a question of when carriers will release it. And, oh yeah, BlackBerry OS version 5 is being touted for public release in 2007 or in early 2008 (we hope we can all wait that long) in harmony with its next-gen devices.

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