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Live in Canada? Have a lot of games? Get a PS3 for $400!

Nick Doerr

We're assuming the $399.99 price tag is in Canadian currency -- and the price does go towards the 60GB model PS3. What do you have to do to get this deal? Trade in 10 applicable games and get the deal of a lifetime. Well... probably not. Applicable titles is a tricky situation -- they're probably games that either just came out or have a certain trade-in value (an excuse to finally get rid of Disgaea -- the game that's worse than crack).

Don't want the 60GB? Well, you can also get a deal on the 20GB model while it still exists -- same conditions apply, but the discount drops the console to $290. That's all we know, since we're a bit far from Canada to test it out. Anyone interested, see what the deal is and drop a comment. We're going to say that unless you beat games really quickly and trade them in, it won't be a great deal. But it seems like it might.

[thanks, Cagalli!]

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