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New games this week: Bust-a-Move Bash! edition

Justin McElroy

The Wii continues its streak this week of being the only one of the big three consoles with a new release, this time we're treated to Bust-a-Move Bash!. If you'd like to see how the puzzler translates to the Wii or want to check out how the rest of the week is shaping up (spoiler: poorly) check after the break.

Nintendo Wii:
  • Bust-A-Move Bash!

Gallery: Bust-A-Move Bash! (Wii) | 6 Photos

Nintendo Wii Virtual Console:
  • Punch Out!!
  • Bonk's Revenge
  • Virtua Fighter 2
PlayStation 2:
  • Eureka Seven Vol. 2 New Vision
  • Raiden III
  • The Plan
  • Red Star
  • Toykyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2
Xbox Live Arcade:
  • Gyruss
  • 3-D Ultra Minigolf Adventures
  • Pocket Pool
  • Valhalla Knights
Nintendo DS:
  • Classic Action Devilish
  • NY Times Crosswords
  • Toondoku
  • Tropix
  • Experience 112
  • Mission: Blackhawk
  • Spider Man Creative Studio
  • Mission: Combat Force
  • UFO Extraterrestrials
  • Made Man

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