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Nucleus for the PS-Store screens, preview

Nick Doerr

The PS-Store downloadable title Nucleus has a different take on curing cancer than Folding@Home -- you shoot those pesky viruses and bacteria in blood cells and collecting proteins. You control a "remote unit" which resembles the greatest kind of cell ever: a sperm cell. You squirt out stuff, shoot stuff, and drop nuclear protein bombs once you've gathered enough protein.

You've got a tractor beam to pull stuff around, too. You can link cells together to create a sort of shield using this. Uh... other than that, it sounds like a pretty straightforward arcade shooter. You do have some timed battles where you survive for a certain time while fending off this or that, or getting rid of everything within a certain period of time, but the fact remains: you shoot stuff, you don't die, you'll probably win.

It seems somehow different, though. Details are scarce, but there's just something oddly alluring about this game. It comes with a medical journal to explain what each object is -- so there's something strategic at work behind the scenes. But what?

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