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NY Post: "Pariah" Uwe Boll unapologetic over 9/11 clip

The mainstream press, represented here by the New York Post (New York's other paper), is talking about the desperately controversial trailer for Uwe Boll's latest "low-rent shock-value ploy" (thanks, Cinematical), Postal, and they don't seem to have much nice to say about it. Coupled with responses from 9/11 victim's family members is Uwe's trademark bravado, making for an awkward (yet unnervingly satisfying) juxtaposition.

Our favorite part? When Uwe says the 9/11 crash clip was being viewed "out of context." Wait, you mean to tell us that 24 second teaser for a movie that isn't even in theaters was somehow viewed out of context? Well, how'd that happen?

[Via GamePolitics]

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