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Space Invaders doormat threatens visitors with its retroness


The familiar Space Invaders aliens have already laid their mark on more than a few public places, but the folks at La Tête Au Cube look to be extending their reach even further, with the design firm busting out this doormat to bring a bit of pixelated intimidation straight to your front step. While it unfortunately won't let your visitors try their hand at a game while they wait for you to answer the door (or collect quarters from them), the animated antics on display on the mat's built-in LED screen should at least be enough to remind some of 'em to wipe their shoes before they enter, and leave other less geeky visitors of yours completely perplexed. It seems that you may have a bit of trouble getting your hands on one at the moment, however, as it's currently sold out despite the hefty $110 price tag.

[Via Uber-Review]

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