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This Wednesday: XBLA brings Gyruss, Minigolf Adventures, end of world


You'll need to hang on to something for this. When Wednesday arrives, it will bring with it an unstoppable, apocalyptic event that will inevitably tear the very fabric of existence apart and toss a stick of dynamite into the resulting hole. On April 18 at 9AM GMT (2AM PDT), Xbox Live Arcade will receive two new titles. Simultaneously, at the same time, and concurrently!

The beast of Armageddon, hideously comprised of both rancid flesh and newborn baby skin, will roll onto the digital shore and spew forth Konami's old-school shooter, Gyruss, and Sierra Online's take on very small Golf, 3-D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures. Coupling the old with the new(er) seems like an excellent strategy to adopt for future release days. Why, it's only matched in sheer brilliance by the concept of releasing more than one game per week. At the rate things move in the gaming world, it's surprising how long it took us to get to the end of it.

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If you want to shoot things in space (who are coming to kill you, by the way) this week, expect to pay 400 MS points ($5).

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If swinging clubs is more your thing, be prepared to set aside 800 MS points ($10). And if you want to do both, well, you can!

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