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Guildwatch: Reasons for lack of progressions

Mike Schramm

I'm not exactly sure why that guy's got a green triangle raid target over his head-- wait a minute. Is that Moroes?? Did he sneak up to the Prince with this unsuspecting guild? Look out guys! That garrote'll getcha every time!

On a completely unrelated note, it's time once again for this week's Guildwatch-- your weekly dose of drama, downed notices, and recruiting pleas. If you've got something to share for next week, send your tips and info to, and click the link below to read this week's GW. But watch out for sneaky raid bosses impersonating fellow guildies!


  • I asked for funny GMotD's last time, and was surprised to see an overwhelming... lack of response. Oh well. The Angry Penguins on Kargath-A did send a few weird ones in, though: "Your mom is an Angry Penguin," "The best stocking stuffer is a severed foot," and "Whoever named Oranges must've never seen a Carrot" have all appeared on login for them-- why, I have no idea. If you've got a funny GMotD, please send it in.
  • All right, buddy boy, buckle down for some heavy drama! A person who I can only deduce is Genk, formerly of Nemesis Legion on Scarlet Crusade-A, writes in to tell us about the drama bomb he dropped on them. Like most drama, it really only makes sense to the people involved, but I'll do what I can to relate it to you. So it seems as though the guild's officers, according to Genk, were being a little "underhanded," and leaving some members out of raids. In fact, apparently they were even inviting people along, then realizing they invited too many, and ditched those they'd invited. Genk, obviously, wasn't thrilled with this, so he went behind their backs to form his own networks-- a kind of intraguild resistance-- with his own alliances and secret friends. Drama waiting to happen, right? It did-- the guild leaders kicked him to the curb. Good news for Genk, though-- he's already found a home in Dark Heaven, and says he's brought "refugees" from NL with him. The drama may not be over yet, either-- Genk says, as the "guild therapist," he's got secrets... secrets that his old guild may not want him to reveal!
  • Blixx on Cenarius-A says Daeliah of Eternal Ascendents is running Steam Vaults with him, and they get their share of wipes. But when another group member disconnects right before the boss, Daeliah became leader, kicks the entire group, and instead invites her own guildies in to finish off the instance. Pretty funny, actually-- at least she got it done, right?
  • Requiem on Zuluhed has disbanded, we're told. This was the scene only days before. That guy Adaon? He doesn't care. But he sucks it up and deals with the people he doesn't like. That's how things work. End of story.
  • My very own guild, Gothic Bunnies on Thunderhorn-H, finally dropped Moroes, and now we're on our way to Maiden and the Opera. Grats, fellow bunnies!
  • Reckless Ascension on Thorium Brotherhood-H saw one of their Kara teams down the Prince (with two friends-- one from Unforgiven, and the other from The New Sun). Pic above, and loot: Helm of the Fallen Defender, Malchazeen, and Farstrider Wildercloak. Nice job!
  • The Misfits of Kalecgos-H dropped Nightbane (and could use a few more peeps to go into Gruul's Lair with them).
  • RoA on Cenarion Circle-A (the name stands for Ran Outta Acronyms, and is witty enough to earn them this week's Best Guild Name award!) also killed off Moroes after getting beat up by him the night before. Woot!
  • Every victory counts here at Guildwatch: Somnia the 61 Draenei Shaman of Unleashed on Ysera-A reports that they 5manned the first pull of Molten Core (they had her, two 70 hunters, and a 70 druid and priest). The druid must have been feral, right? Nice job, but come back and tell us when you've gotten Luci down.
  • Vereor Nos on Spirestone-A has dropped Moroes and Attumen (yay!), but haven't downed the Maiden after 10 attempts. I know what you're talking about VN-- that Repentance is beating the crap out of us, too. From what I hear, you've got to have a Pally who can time Blessing of Sacrifice just right, or have a tank ready to drag her AoE damage over to a healer for a second to wake them up.
  • Check Your Six on Spirestone-A is looking for "mature and friendly" players to go into Karazhan. They mainly need healers and raid on Wednesday nights and the weekend, with PvP the rest of the time.
  • The Mystfits on Norgannon-A wants a few more people to join their fun and active guild of "mature working professionals."
  • Oz on Shadow Moon-A is a GLBT-friendly guild looking for more players to help them out with endgame (but they say they have no problem accepting lowbies looking for a cool group to hang out with.
  • Shinsei on Kilrogg-A is a pretty hardcore guild as casuals go-- they raid Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They're working through Karazhan, and need some healing: A healing druid and a priest, a shadow priest, a shaman, and a warlock. Gotta be geared, gotta show up, and gotta have that elusive "raid mentality."
  • Ace of Spades on Destromath-H has killed everybody in Kara except Nightbane and Netherspite, and is still looking for a few good Orcs (or Tauren, I guess, or Undead. Or Blood Elves if you're into that kind of thing. Trolls are right out.) to help them out. I was just kidding about the Trolls.
  • Suntory Time on Aggramar-A wants a holy priest (and only a holy priest) for Karazhan.
That'll do it for this week's GW (remember, if you've got GMotDs we'll take 'em). Send your tips and stories to That's how things work. End of story.

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