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Halo: Uprising #1 spotted in Marvel solicitation

Jared Rea

Announced this past February at New York Comic Con, Halo: Uprising is an ongoing series for the man from Killimanjaro and the follow-up project to last years incredible Halo Graphic Novel. Newsarama has got the details in a July solicitation from Marvel.

The first issue will be coming in at 40 pages and will fill in the blanks between the Master Chief joyriding a Forerunner spaceship at the end of Halo 2 to, well, whenever the heck Halo 3 picks it up. The Chief won't be the only star of the show as Uprising will tell the saga of "a great American city's rebellion and downfall." If it's anything like HGN's "Sunrise Over New Mombasa," lore-nuts will really have something to freak out about.

Halo: Uprising is written by Marvel's marathon man, Brian Michael Bendis (Mighty Avengers, New Avengers and roughly 1,000 other books) and illustrated by Alex Maleev (New Avengers, Spider-Woman).

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