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JVC's Sophisti DD-3 networked home theater system

Evan Blass

We'll forgive JVC for giving its latest home theater system a name that could only have come from a Saturday Night Live spoof commercial, because in a product category that has become boring and predictable, the Sophisti DD-3 (not to be confused with the DD-1 or DD-8) offers up some refreshing and much appreciated features. Most significantly, the 220-watt DD-3 sports an Ethernet jack for streaming content from a single PC, or if you hook up a wired or wireless router, multiple machines throughout the house. You're also getting simulated surround from the 3.1 setup (two fronts, a center, and a sub), as well as an HDMI port and USB host compatibility on the media player for hooking up cameras, MP3 players, and even card readers. Available now, this "sophisticated" bit of tech will set you back an even thousand bucks -- just cheap enough to make this a little more convenient than cobbling together your own system with the same functionality, but not much.

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