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Microsoft's internal Halo 3 beta begins

Dustin Burg

For those of you cool enough to have a Microsoft employee on your friends list you may have noticed them playing a certain game called "Halo 3 Beta". Yes, it is the real Halo 3 beta. No, it hasn't been released early, so put down your copy of Crackdown and breathe ... okay, you're good right? Frankie sends word that the Halo 3 beta is out, but is currently only available to Microsoft employees. In other words, it's Microsoft's internal Halo 3 beta and nothing more. So, if you see someone playing "Halo 3 Beta", you can be rest assured it's someone more important than you.

And for the rest of us less important people we will have to be patient, because our Halo 3 beta goodness is still weeks away. We'll just sit back and wait this one out with a bag of Funyuns and a bottle of diet Mountain Dew. Damnit! You lucky Microsoft employees get everything ... we want our Halo 3 beta now!

[Thanks, Willy Lohman]

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