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Midnight launches for Lord of the Rings Online


Can't wait to get your hands on Frodo? Wait, that came out bad. Um, ready to start your journey to Mount Doom as soon as possible? Gamestop/EB Games is holding midnight launches in select cities for Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. Those waiting in line will have a chance to win t-shirts, signed posters, game subscription codes and various bits of other phat lootz swag. Here's where the cosplayers should start getting giddy: Three fans wearing the best Lord of the Rings-themed costume will win a special prize. Also, various members of the development team will be at the locations answering questions about the game.

All events are from 11 PM to Midnight on Monday, April 23 at:

  • Boston - Prudential Mall
  • Chicago - 920 Church Street, Evanston, IL
  • Los Angeles - Store TBD
  • New York - Broadway and 33rd, 1282 Broadway
  • Seattle - 248 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA
If you don't know if you're ready to start the quest to get rid of that precious ring, the open beta for LotRO is still going on until next Monday. The game has received decent early buzz and has been a top-seller in the PC category on for a while. We'll find out in a week if LotRo has what it takes to put a dent in the unstoppable megahit World of Warcraft.

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