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Pay-for-play tournament site exclusively for PSP owners


We were more than a little iffy about presenting this information to you. Our tip line received word from a new pay-for-play tournament website. It's not uncommon that we're spammed by some entrepeneurs--and it's a rare occasion when we believe a commercial enterprise might be of note to PSP owners. The website, PSP Tournaments, wants to do exactly as its name suggests. Players can sign up for tournaments, pay an entry fee, and try to win a cash prize. Honestly, we're skeptical on the security (and legality) of such a website, but considering its first tournament (Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops) will be free, we thought it would do no harm in passing along the information.

If you know your Snake Eating beats the rest, you may want to consider participating in the site. If the site proves legitimate, there may be a new home for competitive PSP players to meet and challenge each other.

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