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PTR notes: Massive 2.1 roundup at MMO-Champion

Eliah Hecht

The internets have generally been going crazy over 2.1 information every since the PTRs went live, with us being no exception. So if you've lost track of all the new information that's come out, I don't blame you. Fortunately, MMO-Champion has come to the rescue again, with this massive infodump full of pretty much everything we know about 2.1 so far. There's not very much new information, but here's what he has that I hadn't seen before:

  • New loading screens
  • Black Temple screenshots (lots)
  • A couple gear pieces filed under Northrend
  • New gems
This as well as T6 graphics for all classes (like the Warlock set pictured above, which is in this blogger's opinion the greatest tier set ever, graphics-wise), new engineering stuff, rep rewards, and pretty much everything else that you're probably curious about, so go look it over. Do you think the wings on the Warlock set are functional? And kudos, Boubouille, I know how much work these things can be to put together.

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