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Robo-tout solicits business in Osaka prefecture

Darren Murph

Although robots haven't stolen sign-toting jobs from weather-braving Americans just yet, it looks like those street corner consignment gigs could be vanishing in Osaka. Due to a curious loophole in Japanese law, owners of adult entertainment clubs and information kiosks are now crafting robo-touts to solicit business from interested consumers, as it's illegal for a human to do the same. The handsome bots proudly hoist "Ask Me!" signs that attract passerbyers eyes, and apparently, direct any takers to the appropriate human source of information. Of course, these directing gurus could certainly branch out into less dodgy lines of work, but considering that the pictured servant underwent a ¥500,000 ($4,209) makeover just to look the part, these humanoids should probably be reserved for the most lucrative of chores.

[Via PinkTentacle]

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