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That Mario made of paper and how he makes us laugh


MTV's Stephen Totilo got the chance to chat with Nintendo of America writer Erik Peterson, who's had his work cut out for him with the release of Super Paper Mario. While Peterson explains that most of the work was done for him, as the Japanese development team Intelligent Systems crafted most of the wonderful humor found in the game, he still had his fair share of input on the game's humor.

A lot of this comes from the fact that Super Paper Mario is the first real Nintendo game that openly acknowledges the player and shatters the fourth wall. Peterson and gang didn't take every opportunity to poke fun, however, as they did leave some Virtual Boy jokes out (the Virtual Boy can be found in Francis' collection, on the shelf in his room. "I feel sour that I didn't think of that," Peterson says.

Is the humor of Super Paper Mario your cup of tea, or is your mustache so thick and bold as to be beyond such petty tomfoolery?

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