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BenQ's DC X725 cam: too skinny for the megapixels


Step aside X720, you're out. BenQ just replaced you with the 12.5-mm DC X725 stainless steel shooter in choice of black, red, pearl and silver. Funny enough, while they tell us that it features a 1/2.5-inch CCD, BenQ fails to mention anything about the pixel resolution. Could it be that compact camera manufacturers have learned that pixel count has pretty much gone the way of the "digital zoom" spec on modern shooters? Doubtful. Probably just too busy with their legal woes to notice the omission. Let's assume 7.2 megapixels like its predecessor. BenQ does manage to tell us a bit about the Pentax (Super Multi-Coating) 3x optical zoom lens, Super Shake Free stabilization, ISO 1600 sensitivity (4000 in recording mode), and SD/SDHC card support. Oh, and BenQ says it's available worldwide too, only they fail to mention a price. Pfff. Pic of the backside looking out, after the break.

[Via LetsGoDigital]

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